Braunson Brownsberger -Platte County - 10/20/18

  • Published November 28th, 2018 by rudys

The Brownsberger family are no strangers to our studio.  They are one of our Elite Clients, with Braunson being the fourth of five brothers I have had the pleasure of photographing for their senior photos!  We have also had the pleasure of doing their family portraits!  Braunson is involved in both soccer and tennis, as you can see in some of his images.  Check out his cool pick up!  We also went to the tennis courts to capture some images of Braunson with one of his interests!  Braunson will be following in his dad’s footsteps and will be going to school to become a dentist!  I would like to thank Darcy (mom) and Greg (dad) for all the opportunities to photograph all your boys.  Oops, there’s one left.  This is what has made my profession so rewarding for all these years, clients that keep putting their trust in us to capture their future memories!


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