Why Have A Professional Portrait?

  • Published March 16th, 2010 by rudys

Have you ever had a photo of yourself you did not like?  You know the shot, a silly expression or bad angle that did nothing to enhance your best features.  Many people immediately think of the years of awful school pictures they endured with the "one shot and good luck" mentality of the harried contract shooters trying to photograph 400 kids in a single afternoon.

In fact, when Americans are asked what they fear and hate to do, being in front of the camera is in the top five, year after year.  Imagine...  A photo session, which should be a fun and rewarding experience, is ranked right up there with speaking in front of a live audience, visiting your favorite dentist, or having a personal chat with the IRS agent.

The good news is it does not have to be a painful ordeal to get the portraits you have always wanted.  Here at Rudy’s  Portraits, you are GUARANTEED to get photos you love!


How can that be done?

There are several major keys to looking like a million bucks in photos.

You want to work with an artist that has an eye for composition, line, color, texture, depth, lighting, pose, background and emotion.  Sure, anyone with a camera and a Kinko's business card can call themselves a photographer, but can they handle all the artistic decisions necessary, along with the technical details of operating the camera, exposure and finally the production of your important prints?


What should you expect?

Your portrait experience should be FUN!

For high school seniors, it is a world away from the "one shot and good luck" program suffered through since grade school.  You should get a lot of variety including, clothing changes, multiple backgrounds that match your mood and style, and outdoor portraits at the studio or a location of your choice. 

Expressions and looking good are important.  You will never hear Rudy’s telling you to "SMILE."  You don't want a fake toothy grin.  You can only create a natural look when you are relaxed, comfortable, and having a great time.

Nationally, the average senior chooses 3-5 poses.  At Rudy’s, the average senior takes home a finished package with 10-16 poses.  Why?  Because they often LOVE 30-40 different images! 

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