Smithville High Class of 2018 Seniors - 4/3/18

  • Published April 27th, 2018 by rudys

This makes approximately the 27th class I have had the privilege of photographing, and with much sadness, it will be my last one!  I will be Semi-Retiring from school contracts this year.  However, we will still be heavily involved in Studio, Event, Youth Sports, and Commercial Photography!  I just had to say that to clarify that I’m not completely retiring. Back to the Class of 2018.  We wish all the seniors the very best with their future goals!  I almost forgot, we also did a group photograph of the K-12 Seniors.  They are the ones that have been together from Kindergarten to 12th grade!


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Smithville High Girls Soccer - 3/14/18

  • Published April 26th, 2018 by rudys

WOW! The numbers keep growing!  There are lots of girls on the soccer team this year!  Thank you to Lisa Quinn with the Booster Club for all her assistance!  And, as always a thank you to John Reed, Head Coach, for all his help!  We wish all the girls the best season ever!  Also, thank you to all you parents out there!


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Smithville High Baseball - 3/8/18

  • Published March 24th, 2018 by rudys

This is another historical moment for Smithville HS.  This is the 1st time that I can recall having almost 50 players on the baseball team!  Check Out that big all team photo.  They almost look like the size of a football team!  Thank you to coach Josh Speer for all his assistance!  We wish you all a winning season!


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Smithville High All State Band - 3/7/18

  • Published March 22nd, 2018 by rudys

Congratulations to Greta, Michael, Colton, and JoBeth for their selection to the All State Band!!  This is a historical moment!  In the past 27 plus years I have been doing the contract at Smithville High School, I don't recall 4 Students getting All State!  Again, congratulations and we wish you the best with your future goals!


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Park Hill Family Dance - 3/3/18

  • Published March 20th, 2018 by rudys

The Park Hill Family Dance is what was formerly known as the Park Hill Father-Daughter Dance.  Thank you to Sarah McKenna for all her assistance and coordinating for such a large project where we photograph over 400 images between three photographers and a crew of 10 assistants!  Check out all the cute kids and their parents!  Also, thank you to my crew for making the process go smoothly for us!  You guys make me look good!


Check out the slideshow below for more images from the evening!


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Park Hill Courtwarming Candidates - 1/17/18

  • Published February 14th, 2018 by rudys

I have actually lost track on how many years we have had the opportunity to photograph the PHS Candidates!  Nevertheless, thank you to Sarah McKenna for once again putting her trust in us to capture the candidates' portraits!  We also congratulate all the candidates!


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Smithville High Wrestling - 12/19/17

  • Published January 10th, 2018 by rudys

Thank you to Coach Taylor Middleton for all his assistance with coordinating the wrestling team photographs once again this year!  Also, we'd like to thank all the wrestlers and parents.  We hope you have the best season ever!


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