High School Senior Fall Special - Class of 2019!

  • Published August 3rd, 2018 by rudys

Why should you use a professional photographer instead of your friend for inexpensive photos?

What we offer is quite different.  Think of it like fast food vs. fine dining.  Fast food gives you far fewer options, but it's fast and cheap.  Fine dining gives you a richer variety of options, better quality, better service, and a much better experience.  However, it's more expensive and takes a bit longer.

A digital camera doesn't make someone a professional photographer any more than purchasing a culinary set make them a professional chef!

Many are often overwhelmed with advice on true professional photography.  That's why we offer a no cost, no obligation consultation at our studio!


Check Out The Slideshow Below To See More Variety!

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Gavin Ott - St. Pius X - 7/20/18

  • Published August 2nd, 2018 by rudys

Gavin is the third of the Ott siblings that we have photographed.  They are a wonderful family!  Thank you Mom for bringing us your last child for his senior photographs!  Gavin is also our 1st Class Of 2019 senior of the year!  Gavin has been wrestling through his high school years and will continue through his senior year.  Gavin, we wish you the best with you senior year!


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Hollie Finnell - North Platte - 4/16/18

  • Published May 18th, 2018 by rudys

This is the 2nd Senior Session we have done with Hollie.  We did one in the fall and now we are doing this one because her mother was wanting something different with her cap and gown.  As you can see, the possibilities are endless.  We also did some other options with Hollie.  Thank you so much to the Finnell family for the opportunity!  Hollie, we wish you the best!


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Bryleigh Roderick - Harlan Community HS - 4/10/18

  • Published May 1st, 2018 by rudys

Bryleigh is the second daughter we have had the opportunity to photograph for the Roderick family, all the way from Iowa!!!  Last year we photographed her sister, Ashleigh.  The Roderick family learned of us from a client from Park Hill HS.  So we consider ourselves fortunate to have this family come such a long way!!  Bryleigh is a very happy smiley young lady!  She’s currently taking nursing classes and that’s what her goals are to become!  Again, the weather was not in our favor on this day, but it goes to show the advantage of having a studio!  Check out the variety that can be done in an indoor studio environment.  Bryleigh, we wish you the best with your nursing!  Also, thank you to her parents for the opportunity and for traveling such a long way for us to capture their daughter's senior photographs!


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Blake Peyton - Smithville HS - 4/3/18

  • Published April 27th, 2018 by rudys

When I first saw Blake here at the studio, I said to him that he looked like a Rock Star!  Blake is a very pleasant guy to work with and photograph!  The day he was here the weather was extremely cold!  So, we did his session all indoors.  Blake tells me that his family are Chiefs Season Ticket Holders. Check out his personalized shirt with his name on the back…Cool!  Black & White photography favors Blake A Lot!  Blake, we wish you the best with your future plans!


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Lilly Cochrane - Smithville HS - 3/24/18

  • Published April 26th, 2018 by rudys

The Cochranes are no strangers to our studio.  We have photographed Lilly’s two other siblings in the past and here’s the last of the three getting ready to graduate.  Lilly brought her two cute doggies.  Check out the images, aren’t they cute?  We managed to sneak some outdoor photos in our outdoor area, considering the weather this spring.  Lilly will be heading to Missouri State this fall.  She already has her Missouri State pull over top. Lilly, we wish you the best with your future goals!  Thank you again to the Cochrane family for putting your trust in us for all three of your kids!


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Jacob Lawhon - Smithville High - 2/24/18

  • Published March 20th, 2018 by rudys

Lawhons are no strangers to our studio!  We have photographed Jacob’s sister, Jenny, a couple years back and we also photographed her in the high school dance team for four years.  Now, on to Jacob!  He's a quiet young man and we had fun photographing him.  On the outdoor photos, we still had some snow on the ground and it added some depth to his outdoor images in our outdoor area!  I asked Jacob if he often wore his hoody and he said he did pretty often.  Sooooo, I captured some images with his hoody!  Does he look cool or what?  Jacob tells me he will be going his to Maple Woods Community Collage for his first two years of college on the A+ program.  Jacob, congratulations and we wish you the best with your future goals and plans!


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