Aspen Ryan - Smithville High - 11/3/18

  • Published November 30th, 2018 by rudys

WOW!  Aspen is a high school senior!  I recall photographing her when she was like three years old.  The Ryan family is another long time Elite Client! We just photographed her brother’s senior portraits for the class of 2017.  Aspen, you are a pretty young lady.  Aspen is very heavily involved in volleyball!  She not only plays for the high school team, but she also plays on a competitive team.  She’s also very involved with coaching at her mom’s Shoot For The Stars Gymnastics Studio.  Aspen, we wish you the best with your future goals!


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Braunson Brownsberger -Platte County - 10/20/18

  • Published November 28th, 2018 by rudys

The Brownsberger family are no strangers to our studio.  They are one of our Elite Clients, with Braunson being the fourth of five brothers I have had the pleasure of photographing for their senior photos!  We have also had the pleasure of doing their family portraits!  Braunson is involved in both soccer and tennis, as you can see in some of his images.  Check out his cool pick up!  We also went to the tennis courts to capture some images of Braunson with one of his interests!  Braunson will be following in his dad’s footsteps and will be going to school to become a dentist!  I would like to thank Darcy (mom) and Greg (dad) for all the opportunities to photograph all your boys.  Oops, there’s one left.  This is what has made my profession so rewarding for all these years, clients that keep putting their trust in us to capture their future memories!


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Ty Moore - Platte County - 10/27/18

  • Published November 28th, 2018 by rudys

Here’s another long time Elite Client of our studio!  We photographed Ty’s dad in high school (I was just out of high school myself! HA!) and I worked with Ty’s mom when she was with the Platte County Youth Football League as the Picture Program Coordinator.  We also photographed their family portraits!  Now, here’s Ty in his senior year!  WOW! It's hard to believe!  Ty is heavily involved with the Elite High School Band playing the trombone. He has been playing trombone for over six years.  Music is his passion and he will be pursuing it in college!  Ty, you turned out to be a good looking young man!  We wish you the best with your future goals!


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Olivia Krueger - St. Pius X - 8/1/18

  • Published October 27th, 2018 by rudys

Olivia is no stranger to being in front of our camera!  I have photographed her for as long as I can remember!  Here she is a high school senior!  I have also had the pleasure of working with both her dad, Wayne, and mom, Kim.  Olivia is very involved with the pom team at St. Pius X High, as you can see in some of her images.  Olivia’s future goal is to become an architect.  She’s already been accepted at K-State for the architect program. Congratulations Olivia!  I’m sure your mom and dad are very proud!  You turned out to be a beautiful young lady!  We thank you for all the photography opportunities all these past years and especially for selecting us for your senior photographs!  We wish you the best with your future goals!


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High School Senior Fall Special - Class of 2019!

  • Published August 3rd, 2018 by rudys

Why should you use a professional photographer instead of your friend for inexpensive photos?

What we offer is quite different.  Think of it like fast food vs. fine dining.  Fast food gives you far fewer options, but it's fast and cheap.  Fine dining gives you a richer variety of options, better quality, better service, and a much better experience.  However, it's more expensive and takes a bit longer.

A digital camera doesn't make someone a professional photographer any more than purchasing a culinary set make them a professional chef!

Many are often overwhelmed with advice on true professional photography.  That's why we offer a no cost, no obligation consultation at our studio!


Check Out The Slideshow Below To See More Variety!

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Gavin Ott - St. Pius X - 7/20/18

  • Published August 2nd, 2018 by rudys

Gavin is the third of the Ott siblings that we have photographed.  They are a wonderful family!  Thank you Mom for bringing us your last child for his senior photographs!  Gavin is also our 1st Class Of 2019 senior of the year!  Gavin has been wrestling through his high school years and will continue through his senior year.  Gavin, we wish you the best with you senior year!


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Hollie Finnell - North Platte - 4/16/18

  • Published May 18th, 2018 by rudys

This is the 2nd Senior Session we have done with Hollie.  We did one in the fall and now we are doing this one because her mother was wanting something different with her cap and gown.  As you can see, the possibilities are endless.  We also did some other options with Hollie.  Thank you so much to the Finnell family for the opportunity!  Hollie, we wish you the best!


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