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  • Published December 19th, 2017 by rudys

Can I still schedule a portrait for Christmas? 


Yes! Sessions are currently available in December and January.  It’s when families get together and college and high school students are home from school.


Enjoy our toasty warm studio!  Nothing says that family portraits need to be done outdoors, however, we do have an outdoor 3 acre portrait park and one area that looks like the Colorado Rockies with Pine Trees, Etc.  Or we can also photograph your family in your home.  Call us for a consultation to find out all your options.



Who Is Rudy’s Portraits?


Our little “family” at Rudy’s is a friendly, loving, and deeply experienced bunch, all dedicated to making the best portraits possible.  We have been in business for over 25 years and we have done it all or pretty close!


Zaneta, our portrait consultant will help you select the right images in the perfect sizes and frames for your wall decor.


Chris, our graphics designer and photographer, has over 20 years of experience  and provides valuable assistance in photographing your family.


Session Fee Only $79 (Reg. $125) 


Call Today To Schedule!


Check out the slideshow to see more on our unique family portraits!

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Smith Family - 10/28/17

  • Published December 7th, 2017 by rudys

This is the first time for us to work with the Smith family.  Joe is stationed at Ft. Leavenworth and has about a year left in the U.S. Army before he retires.  Joe and his family are Green Bay Packers fans!  He and the boys brought their jerseys to do something fun!  Check these guys out...  Don’t they look cool?  The two boys are good looking little guys!


Check out the slideshow...  Again, you can see the variety that can be done with your family session!


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Harris Family - 10/21/17

  • Published November 29th, 2017 by rudys

Having had the pleasure of doing Jordan’s senior photographs last year, Pam has once again put her trust in us to capture her family portraits!  Let me tell you, both Jordan and Megan kept us on our toes.  Both are beautiful ladies!  Again, you can see the variety that can be done with your family session! Thank you for the opportunity to have captured your family!!


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Shipman Family - 7/22/17

  • Published September 12th, 2017 by rudys

Here's another one of our Elite Member families!  We are updating Stacy and JD’s family portrait.  With their oldest son Harrison having graduated from college and in the work force and Tyler the youngest son going into his senior year at MU, Stacy told me it was time to update their family portrait. We had the pleasure this year of photographing them in their beautiful home!  Check out the cute doggies in their family image.  Again, notice the variety that can be done with your family.  Stacy, JD, Harrison, Tyler, thank you all so very much for the opportunity once again!!


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Lake Family - 6/29/17

  • Published September 5th, 2017 by rudys

Thank you to Rich and Laura for the opportunity to photograph their family!  Rich and Laura happen to be my neighbors, so they just walked to their session!  In 20 some years, I don’t recall a family walking to our studio.  Rich and Laura had all their family in town and that’s why she chose to have her family photographed!  Laura, you have a bunch of cute grand kids!  Again, thank you for the opportunity to photograph your family!  Again, take note of the variety that can be done with your family!


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Shively Family: 5/26/17

  • Published August 24th, 2017 by rudys

Suzy is no stranger to our studio!  She is one of our helpers with our event photography jobs that we do. I also had the pleasure of photographing her son Austin for his senior portraits this year.  So, it was an honor photographing her family when she scheduled us!  We also had the opportunity to photograph Suzy and Tim in their Wedding Outfits!  Let me tell you, this family was a blast to photograph!  Suzy & Tim, again thank you for the opportunity to photograph your family!  Once again, you can see the variety that can be done with your family at Rudy’s!



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Session Notes: 4/8/17

  • Published June 1st, 2017 by rudys

This family of three were a real blast to work with!!  They are BIG Royals fans, as you can see in the images of one of their outfit choices.  Again, you can see the variety of poses and outfits you have with your family portrait in our studio!  Check out Andrea in the pink Converse shoes.  It’s her favorite color!  Again, you were lots of fun to work with and thank you for the opportunity to photograph your family!


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