Smithville High Senior Cheerleaders - 8/14/18

  • Published September 1st, 2018 by rudys

We had the opportunity to photograph two of the Smithville High School senior cheerleaders that wanted us to do a studio session and design their banners.  Thank you to Shannon Purtle and Elyse Newland!  We wish you the best with your senior year!  Here you can see the variety that can be done with cheerleaders and check out the cool design done on the girls' senior banners by our graphic designer.


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Brockman and Knotts Family - 7/29/18

  • Published September 1st, 2018 by rudys

Another long time client of our studio, Robin and her family keeping putting their trust in us to record her family's history.  We photographed her two daughters' senior portraits and we also photographed Robin’s wedding a few years back.  Here we are doing all her family.  Check out her Dad with our cool senior prop.  It cracks me up!  Her dad just saw our prop and wanted to do some images with it.  Is he cool or what?  This is two sessions in a row!


The Knotts are big Chiefs fans, as you can see!  Again, you can see the variety that can be done with your family photographs! Thank you again for the opportunity of having done your family!



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Hash Family - 7/28/18

  • Published September 1st, 2018 by rudys

Mike and Linda have been long time clients and friends!  They were finally able to get all of their family together for their family portrait.  I had the opportunity several years back (in my starting years) to photograph both their kids, Shelley and Chris.  WOW!  Check out Mike and Linda with the SENIORS PROP.  Mike saw the prop in our studio and he just had to have it for a photograph.  I told him he might have started a fad with senior citizens.  He cracked us up!!!  I Love It!  Thank you all for the opportunity!


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High School Senior Fall Special - Class of 2019!

  • Published August 3rd, 2018 by rudys

Why should you use a professional photographer instead of your friend for inexpensive photos?

What we offer is quite different.  Think of it like fast food vs. fine dining.  Fast food gives you far fewer options, but it's fast and cheap.  Fine dining gives you a richer variety of options, better quality, better service, and a much better experience.  However, it's more expensive and takes a bit longer.

A digital camera doesn't make someone a professional photographer any more than purchasing a culinary set make them a professional chef!

Many are often overwhelmed with advice on true professional photography.  That's why we offer a no cost, no obligation consultation at our studio!


Check Out The Slideshow Below To See More Variety!

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Gavin Ott - St. Pius X - 7/20/18

  • Published August 2nd, 2018 by rudys

Gavin is the third of the Ott siblings that we have photographed.  They are a wonderful family!  Thank you Mom for bringing us your last child for his senior photographs!  Gavin is also our 1st Class Of 2019 senior of the year!  Gavin has been wrestling through his high school years and will continue through his senior year.  Gavin, we wish you the best with you senior year!


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Platte County R-3 Administration and Staff - 7/10/18

  • Published August 1st, 2018 by rudys

Once again, a big thank you to Vicki Diggs for putting her trust in us to photograph the administrative staff.  Thank you to all the individuals that we photographed.  We wish you all a wonderful coming school year!


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The Coves Swim Team - 2018

  • Published August 1st, 2018 by rudys

I would like to thank Niki Scott, a long time Elite Client of our studio, for asking us if we photographed swim teams.  It set the wheels in motion.  Also, I'd like to thank Poppy Lee and her staff for all her help on picture day.


Here you see our virtual group concept that’s done by our graphic designer!  Thank you to all the swimmers and parents for your business!  Last, but not least, thank you to my wonderful crew that makes the process go so smoothly!


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