Session Notes: 3/25/17

  • Published May 12th, 2017 by rudys

We did Alexa’s full senior session back in the fall, but here are some image from a mini session we did for her graduation cards.  We did the same thing with her sister Austin last year.  Amber, her mom wants a different look with the girls in the spring for their grad cards.  Alexa, you’re always fun to photograph!  Thank you again for the opportunity!  Isn’t she beautiful?  Alexa is heading to MU next fall and we wish her the best!


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Session Notes: 3/24/17

  • Published May 10th, 2017 by rudys

Darby is a very colorful young lady!  It was fun working with her!  She loves the old Hollywood glamour lighting photographs so we did a few images with Hollywood lighting…cool lighting!  Darby has a full scholarship to UMKC’s school of pharmacy!  She tells me that her goal is to work in a medical center's pharmacy department after graduation!  Congratulations Darby on your full scholarship!  We wish you the best!


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Smithville High Baseball - 3/23/17

  • Published May 10th, 2017 by rudys

Thank you to coach Josh for working with us in coordinating the baseball team photographs once again this year!  Josh, you do a great job!  Thank you to all the players for being great to work with and thank you to Alexa and Haylee for helping out on the day of the photography!  We wish all the players a winning season and farewell to all the seniors!


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Session Notes: 3/21/17

  • Published May 8th, 2017 by rudys

Cody is a pretty laid back young man. He's played football all his high school years.  He and his mom liked the smoke photographs they saw on both our website and clothing suggestion guide so we fired up the smoke machine and did some cool smoke images.  We also did one of our famous collage layouts with all his football jerseys and some of his accomplishments!  Cody was Homecoming King, as you can see his crown in the collage image.  Cody, congratulations on being selected Homecoming King!  Cody was one our gift certificate winners at his after prom event last year! Cody, we wish you the best with your future goals!


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Session Notes: 3/20/17

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Maya is to be congratulated! She’s graduating a year early...  She’s a junior this year.  Congratulations, Maya!  She loves art, photography, and nature! Maya, you’re a beautiful young lady!  I told her that her smile reminds me of a young Julia Roberts, the movie star.  Maya loves flowers and, since we don’t have our flower garden ready yet (it's the wrong time of year), Maya brought her own flowers for us to incorporate in the session.  She also loved our Bulb Idea Hat.  She stuck the flower on it as an addition.  Maya, your were a blast to photograph!  We wish you the best with your early start with college!


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Session Notes: 3/17/17

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I have known Jake since he was a young little guy!  I have been going for chiropractic care to his dad for as long as Jake has been alive!  Here he is ready to graduate and will be heading off to collage in Virginia to learn film production.  He is involved in film production at the present time in his school.  Also, he does a bit of acting.  Well, here’s another first for me as Jake is the first guy that asked to have an image done with the swing in our outdoor portrait park.  Jake, you look great on the swing!  We wish you the best with film school next year!


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Session Notes: 3/14/17

  • Published April 28th, 2017 by rudys

William is the last of three siblings.  He's into both cross country and track.  He is in the Army Reserve and will be attending a computer IT school this summer.  He will also be pursuing that career field.  William is a quiet young man but very friendly!  William, we wish you the best with your Army career and your schooling!


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