Session Notes: 3/4/17

  • Published April 24th, 2017 by rudys

This coming May we will have the opportunity to photograph the students of the Artistry In Motion Dance Company with owner Stephanie Redd!  The images you see on the left were done to use in designing a promotional banner, informing that picture day is coming soon.  So we had fun on this day with the young ladies, coming up with ideas to catch peoples' attention and interest. On the right is the finished product that is displayed in the dance studio.  Thank you, again, to Stephanie and the young ladies for modeling for us!  See you in May!


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Session Notes: 3/3/17

  • Published April 17th, 2017 by rudys

Jessica is into theater, singing, dance, archery, and she has competed in the Miss Missouri Teen Pageant.  She was just in California this past November.  She also loves history and geography!  Jessica, you are a beautiful young lady both in personality and outer beauty!  We had a beautiful March day for outdoor photographs!  Jessica, we wish you the best with your future plans and goals!


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Session Notes: 2/24/17

  • Published April 13th, 2017 by rudys

Let me tell you, Nick is a smiley and happy guy!  Nick plays baseball for Platte County as a pitcher.  He's a big MU fan! He loves sports and is the oldest of three siblings.  Nick, we wish you the best with your future goals!  Nick chose to do all of his session indoors, since the weather was not in our favor, so I guess that’s the advantage of having both indoor and outdoor studio options.  He didn’t need to worry about rescheduling, especially with everyone's tight schedules these days.


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Session Notes: 2/18/17

  • Published April 6th, 2017 by rudys

I have known Hanna since high school and have photographed her numerous times.  She was also one of our model representatives the year she graduated.  Hanna is also one of our dedicated part-time helpers when we do on location events!  When she mentioned to me that her boyfriend Garrett was coming home on leave from the U.S. Navy on his way to Hawaii, and wanted to know if I would do a studio session with them, of course I couldn’t refuse!  I have enjoyed photographing Hanna in the past, and being a retired veteran myself, I love to capture portraits of our veterans!  So, I asked Hanna to have Garrett bring a uniform.  Enjoy the images of this good looking couple!  We wish Hanna the best with college and Garrett with his new assignment in Hawaii!  Again, you can see the advantage of doing both in studio and outdoors!


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Session Notes: 2/17/17

  • Published April 4th, 2017 by rudys

Thank you to Dr. Schoofs and Mosaic for the opportunity to photograph your business portraits.


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Session Notes: 2/15/17

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There’s the old saying, “There’s a first time for everything”!  Well, this is my first senior in 20 some years I have photographed with a Black Chicken. The chicken's name is Mochi.  Yes, you read it right, Mochi a Black Chicken!!!  Enjoy the photographs of this good looking chicken that was very cooperative, by the way!  Grace is a very smiley and happy young lady!  She plans to go into the veterinarian career field after high school.  She’s big time into gaming and her call sign is RUSH, as you can see in the black & white image with her call sign on her sleeve.  Grace, I Love The Black Chicken!  We wish you the best!


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Session Notes: 1/30/17

  • Published February 7th, 2017 by rudys

Congratulations to Sue and Rodney on their 60th Wedding Anniversary!  They wanted to have a professional portrait done for their family as well as themselves!  Thank you for thinking of us on such a milestone accomplishment.  This is funny...  After Sue and Rodney placed their picture order, Rodney told me that I need to hang around to take their 70th Anniversary Portrait!  You both look great for celebrating your 60th!


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