Jenny and Friends - Hooters Calendar Submissions - 3/2/19

  • Published March 14th, 2019 by rudys

When Jenny asked if we could do a photo session for her being selected to submit photographs for the Hooters Calendar, of course I said yes.  We photographed Jenny all through her high school years in the dance team and we photographed her senior portraits.  We also photogarphed her brother.  I consider it an honor for her to ask us!  We also had a couple of Jenny’s co-workers join in for the photo session.  Chloe and Halie, we also wish you the best with your submissions.  Jenny, thank you again for the opportunity and good luck!


Park Hill Family Dance - 2/22/19

  • Published March 9th, 2019 by rudys

Once again, our thank you’s go out to Sarah McKenna for working with us in coordinating the Family Dance.  Sarah You Are Great To Work With!!  Also, I'd like to thank all the families for the opportunity to capture your families and young ones that seem to grow up before our eyes.  I know I treasure the photographs I have of my kids when they were young!  I'd also like to thank my fabulous crew - Zaneta, my dear wife, Sandy, Yasmin, Jenny #1, Jenny # 2, Mika, Jill, Suzy, Stephanie, Ashley, and Chris.  Yes it takes 12 People to make this event flow smoothly!  90% Is In The Preparation!!  Our Clients Only See The 10%!!


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Cory McClanahan - 2/21/19

  • Published March 9th, 2019 by rudys

Once again, it’s always a great surprise when we get a call from a long time client.  In this case, I photographed Cory for his senior photos back in the mid 1990’s as well as his sister.  WOW!  I consider it an Honor!  Cory is in Real Estate and needed updated business portraits and head shots.  Cory, Thank You Again Very Much for remembering us and the opportunity to photograph your business portraits!  We wish you the best! Check out the variety that can be done with your business portraits!


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Mid-Buchanan Youth Basketball - 2/4/19

  • Published March 7th, 2019 by rudys

We welcome the new league representative Matt Castor this year.  We have had the opportunity to photograph the Mid-Buchanan youth basketball teams for several year now!  Once again, we thank Matt, and all coaches, parents, and players for the opportunity!


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Smithville Youth Volleyball - 3/3/19

  • Published March 7th, 2019 by rudys

We worked with Matt Denton, the Smithville Parks & Recreation Director Of Marketing, with the youth soccer and baseball and softball.  When he contacted us to see if we would be interested in photographing the youth volleyball teams of course I said yes!  This is the first time that Smithville has had youth volleyball and photographs!  Thank you again to Matt Denton and all the coaches and parents!


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Daniels Family - 2/2/19

  • Published March 7th, 2019 by rudys

It’s always such a surprise and opportunity when long-time previous clients contact us to update their family portraits.  We have done Jill’s senior portraits and we also photographed Scott, Jill, and Cassandra in their home when Cassandra was four months old.  Check out the photograph they brought to show me.  We attempted to duplicate the original image done 18 years ago!!  Thank you all again so very much for putting your trust in us once again after so many years.  You can see the variety that can be done with your family.  Yes, there’s some of us professionals that still do indoor studio photography as well as outdoor.  This particular day would not have worked outdoors.


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Smithville Youth Basketball - 2/2/19

  • Published February 11th, 2019 by rudys

Our many thanks go to Brenna Gardino for what I believe is the 4th or 5th year in a row working with her in coordinating facilities and schedules to photograph the teams!  This year we ran into a challenge with the Winter Weather and had to reschedule the original picture day.  Nevertheless, we got it done!  Thank you to Zaneta, Chris, and Yasmin for making it work on picture day since I had a family studio session!


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